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Fema eloma Form: What You Should Know

The COMA application for a land surveyor or professional engineer must be completed, electronically sent via e-mail, and approved by the requesting license(s) at the time your application is submitted. Your request must include your name, address and license number. The COMA form also allows you to provide other information as necessary (see below). After receiving the COMA form, you will automatically be forwarded to FEMA via e-mail for processing. TheĀ  FEMA determination will be available for review on FEMA's website in approximately 48 to 72 hours, after which your final COMA determination will be processed. Once the COMA document is received by FEMA, the determination is reviewed to ensure they meet Federal standards. Elma Certification and Examination Fee To certify and obtain a COMA determination online, a fee is charged of US 100. This fee is not a requirement for certification and will be waived for those who pay for certification in person. Registration for Elma Certification Upon application, a COMA determination is automatically created on the licensing database, which can be reviewed with the confirmation number of your licensing office on your Elma application. This allows you to track your COMA request, and verify the COMA determination at a later date. Completion of the Coma form and payment of the fee is required for certification. The COMA form is free. There are many reasons to purchase Elma in person. CompletingĀ COMA online registration and payment of a registration application fee allows you to track your COMA determination on the FEMA website in approximately 48 to 72 hours. The Elma website provides access to additional information from the COMA application form including: Name, address, phone number and license number of the professional land surveyor or professional engineer. A description of the land survey instrument, including instrument category (e.g., linear, contour, surface, slope, and terrain). Information on the geographic coverage of territory, including area, measurement unit, and area scale. The determination includes the county or city where the land is located. The landowner, property owner, or property manager, if any, who applied for the land survey. When applicable, the determination also provides information, as applicable, in the COMA form. (e.g., the location, type and width of the survey instrument, geographic information for the land, landowner and property owner, and property location and address).

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Instructions and Help about Fema eloma form

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