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Instructions and Help about Fema form 086 0 22 feb 11

August 1st 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the National Flood Insurance Act the guiding legislation of the National Flood Insurance Program David Marsh dad is the chief executive of the Federal Emergency Management agency's National Flood Insurance Program we caught up with David to talk a little bit about the history of the program over 50 years and where it's gonna go in the future David as we marked the 50th anniversary of the National Flood Insurance Program can you give us a little history about how the program started well the program was created with the National Flood Insurance Act August 1st 1968 but actually the the program was in the making going clear back to the 1927 Midwest floods which were probably the largest flood disaster in the history of our nation and then in each decade in the 30s 40s and 50s various administrative proposals various legislative proposals would surface to determine how we were going to manage the flood risk of the nation 1965 Hurricane Betsy kind of put the dot on the exclamation point to say hey we've been talking about this for a long time let's put in place a program that includes private sector support that involves participation by the communities and addresses the nation's flood risk for individuals and businesses so David you've worked in the National Flood Insurance Program in a number of different positions what does the program mean to you well the 50th anniversary is a time for us to reflect on a public policy program that's been delivering for the nation for the last five decades is now in over 22,000 communities provides floodplain management and building code protection in those communities that agree to participate in the program and is offering flood insurance protection for over 5 million policyholders which means we have 5 million individuals that if flood disaster strikes them regardless of whether it's a presidentially declared disaster or a localized regional flooding event they have the means by which to get back on their feet which makes them more and their communities more resilient so at this juncture we're able to look back and say this program has as great value to the nation and I also think about all the people that have made this program work over the years the the public service of those individuals that our federal employees and also the tremendous private-sector support that this program depends upon and how it's delivered to the American public can you talk a little bit about how the private sectors involved in the program well this this from the very beginning of the program has been a very strong public/private partnership the way that it currently operates we rely on 63 of the leading and property insurance companies in the nation to administer the program on our on our behalf in addition to those 63 companies we also have a handful of vendors that support those companies and also support.

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